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    Apr 15, 2008

    Google, meet The Rapid

    If you haven't already been to Google Transit -- it's a great resource. It lets you plan out a route via public transit. So, it's only natural that The Rapid be introduced to Google for an awesome partnership.

    Word on the street is that this partnership is already in the works with The Rapid contacting Google for this project. The only problem is porting The Rapid's route and schedule data into something Google Transit can understand. Admittedly, much to technical for me.

    May have updates on this sometime down the road.

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    Anonymous said...

    This would be an awesome thing - although I think the Google Transit name sounds boring.

    Maybe GR will come up with its own name for its transportation system like how chicago has the L train name.

    Brent said...

    You mean how local transit simply goes by "The Rapid?" Cleveland is the same, but there they say "Cleveland's Rapid."