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    Jun 20, 2008

    RDV 's Tubergen speaks of mass transit

    In a recent Press article reporting a change up in a downtown project, RDV President Jerry Tubergen commented:
    "We also see how the downtown as a whole is working to become more walkable to and from the Medical Mile and other anchors, and we are staying close to the discussions on how some form of downtown mass transit will play a role to allow visitors who stay in the city core, hotel area of downtown to have easy access to the Medical Mile."
    Is this mass transit Tubergen speaks of the South Side BRT? By the sound of things it could be. The Rapid project will connect the South Side with Medical Mile and loop around downtown with stops on Monroe Ave. Or, is it true -- a 100% privately funded streetcar? Will RDV be the first in line to capitalize? Maybe DMJM Harris' analysis proved too lucrative to pass up. Next week will tell.

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