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    Jul 14, 2008

    Improve MAX says Holland Sentinel

    The Holland Sentinel now supports improving the Macatawa Area Express (MAX) service to bring in choice riders. The editorial referenced a rise in gasoline prices and ridership as a reason to expand the service. A couple of recommendations involve reworking the service to offer 30 minute schedules and more transfer points.

    We strongly endorsed the 2006 millage, even though it meant a significant tax increase from the 0.14375 mill charged the last year MAX was part of Holland city government. We did so because we recognize that public transit is a critical public service. But we also believe that MAX should seriously re-examine its current system to make sure it is attractive not just to people who need to ride the bus, but people who want to as well.

    The system must be scrutinized to see which routes can be shortened or tweaked to make half-hour service viable, and how more transfer points can be established to speed service. That is what we need to take public transit in Holland to the next level.

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