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    Oct 2, 2008

    Media updates from HB 6114 conference

    The folks at Michigan Municipal League passed along a media release from the conference to push for HB 6114. HB 6114 is being promoted as a way to jump start transit-oriented development near proposed rapid transit stations in Grand Rapids and Detroit.

    Quotes from HB 6114 supporters:

    “Building and expanding rapid transit systems are proven generators of thousands of jobs and billions in economic development projects in cities and states across the nation. As rapid transit is introduced to Michigan cities, House Bill 6114 will help create jobs and development around the transit stops and stations,” said David Worthams, legislative associate with the Michigan Municipal League (MML), which proposed the idea of House Bill 6114 to state Rep. Marie Donigan, D-Royal Oak, the bill’s main sponsor.

    “Creating true rapid transit systems in Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids and other Michigan cities will create jobs and economic development. So what are we waiting for? We need to pass this bill now to help support the transit projects that are on the books and on their way,” said State Representative Marie Donigan.

    “We need a variety of economic development tools to restart Michigan’s economy. This legislation encourages the creation of transit-oriented development, especially in urban areas in need of revitalization. It’s a win-win in that it could provide a new source of funding for transit projects while promoting development and smart growth,” said Peter Varga, CEO of The Rapid and Chair of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce.

    “To create jobs, promote economic development, provide alternatives to outrageous gas prices and oil dependence, and many other benefits, the time is right for significant rapid transit in Detroit and Michigan. HB 6114 is a tool that will help Detroit, Grand Rapids and other Michigan cities attract the jobs and development that transit projects are generating in other major cities across the country,” said Megan Owen, Executive Director of Transportation Riders United.

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    Roger Martin said...

    The momentum to expand public transit across Michigan continues to build. In addition to House Bill 6114, bills are to be introduced in the state House and Senate this week or next week to advance the 3.4-mile light rail line planned that will run along Woodward Avenue between Hart Plaza and Grand Blvd. in Detroit. Also, The Detroit News on Sunday, Sept. 28 published a favorable transit editorial, as did the Lansing State Journal today (Thursday, Oct. 2). If we want public policies that help boost transit, we need to let our state lawmakers know.