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    Oct 20, 2008

    Take the train, then a 7 mile walk

    Amtrak's Pere Marquette blog recommends folks ride the train to visit attractions in cities on the line. The most recent is a visit to a local farm approximately 7 miles out from the St. Joe station. Sounds great until you realize where's the transportation. Maybe taxi or on demand bus -- maybe. The kicker, though, is that Amtrak provides only one daily round trip between Grand Rapids and Chicago. With so little frequency, one has to wonder how realistic Pere Marquette is at connecting passengers with one-day events in West Michigan. Too few round tips and inconvenient timetables....

    Maybe these folks are on to something though. Take the train to the shore from inland city life. Hop aboard a commuter train between Holland and Downtown. Stay at a Holland hotel near 8th St. complete with a quaint shopping experience. Or hey it could be reverse, suburbanites could catch a convention downtown for the day.

    Getting there is half the experience.

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