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    May 19, 2008

    Varga's commentary to The Press

    The Rapid's executive director Peter Varga wrote a letter in The Press this past Saturday. The letter entitled "Getting on track to meet our needs," describes the south side BRT and downtown streetcar.

    This letter seemed to be aimed at the majority of the population who expressed genuine concerns for both projects. Public project funding has become a hard sell to Michigan taxpayers and transit is one of them -- even if its FTA sponsored. It would be wise to not add another layer of confusion in an already controversial subject.

    But, Varga may have unintentionally added that layer of confusion on Saturday.

    Varga writes of the proposed services, "The BRT line is a rapid bus service that operates like rail, but using sleek streamlined rubber tired vehicles. Elements of the service include: 19 stations; 10 minute frequency; electronic signs announcing arrival; multiple doors for easy access; ticket vending at stations or on the Internet; high occupancy lanes in direction of peak travel; and traffic signals providing priority for the service. "

    Does The Rapid need rail to successful explain the concept of BRT?

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    1 comment:

    Fritz said...

    It seems that regardless of the city the transit "officials" always describe BRT in terms of how it is like rail.